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Mar 13, 2013 at 02:48 PM



Hi All,

As per the title, a quick & simple question - is it possible to build a BSP application that uses SAPUI5? I've not played with BSP for a long time but am pretty sure I could drop say jQuery libraries in and make use of them so wondered if this is the same for SAPUI5? I'm talking about a simplistic application using the BSP MVC framework for accessing SAP data, services, etc. but using the SAPUI5 for the look & feel.

I've just started searching/researching this so if anyone has any useful blog posts or document links that could help, I'd appreaciate them. I've already found content about using SAPUI5 on top of ICF services, however I'm keen to understand if I can contain the development to within SE80, more or less, and let the BSP access logic directly. Hope that makes sense.

I may well be heading in the completely wrong direction with this - all suggestions appreciated!

Thanks in advance,