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Former Member
Jan 08, 2017 at 05:15 AM

Default values in field "End of STD" in IT 2001 for Germany


Dear Experts

For specific absence types in Germany ( screen 2008 ), we have a field in IT 2001 - "End of STD". In standard configuration, the value is defaulted from IT 0016, field : Continued pay that is defaulted from feature CONTR. So, when we create a new record for IT 2001 with that specific sub type, the date in field " End of STD" gets a value that is "x" number of days ahead from the start date of the record. This "x" days is defaulted from IT 0016 as described above.

We have a requirement, where, for a specific absence type, we want to default dates in that field " End of STD", based on company codes, without touching the standard configuration. And this should supersede the standard configuration when a record is created / changed.

We were thinking of using dynamic action by calling an external routine / enhance the associated module pool program. But, we need some details as to how to proceed or whether anyone has faced a similar issue before.

Thanks in advance.