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Mar 13, 2013 at 07:47 AM

report shipping by email not received by client???


Dear Experts,

I have been trying to ship the MSDS by email to customer. I have maintained the EMAIL as the standard communication.

When I try to ship manually or automatically, the communication INT is not triggered for the variant.

Under manual processing, the report shipping is completed with the package but we do not know what is the exit stage of the

final report( means to which customer destination and which mode). I have attached the screenshots to understand clearly.

If u have the logical steps to determine the report shipping for automatic process, please guide appropriately as I have followed the document WWI cookbook

and report shipping guide.

Screenshot 2:

Error when redetermining reports for variant CH-MSDS EN W7. Is there a function module CVEO_RDO_BUNDLE_GENERATE.?

As i do not find that function module being maintained under user exit category EHS_CHECK

screenshot 3:

communication INT could not be determined, why.........Is it using a function module via an user exit???

In screenshot Shiporder completed, which mode of transmission is being determined by the SAP system.




screenshot 3.JPG (141.2 kB)
screenshot 2.JPG (72.7 kB)