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Mar 13, 2013 at 05:46 AM

Is it possible to define Log-on Group with only one Instance i.e., CI ?


Hello BASIS Guru's


Let me first describe my issue here with current system information.

We have an ECC 6.0 system with only Central Instance (No application Servers or Dialog Instances), however there is a requirement to load balance (may be a logon group) few critical users and they should always hit this group so that at any given point of time these DIA work process are available to these users.

All the options in SMLG (For ex: Load balance via Resp. time) also reflects to the instance and not for a group as we have only one instance if I define it or not finally the request hits this instance only J

Yes, we are aware SMLG works perfect when we have at least one applications server.


We should end up with different SAP GUI logons –

USERS_Normal – those users are not as critical as other and directs by default every user in the company to this group.

KEY_USERS – those users who need very quick response from SAP, e.g. those who take online orders

Now – as we push all GUI users to the either USERS_Normal or KEY_USERS there will be more capacity in SPACE group, which – in theory – should prioritize them, all in all we have one CI.

Hope I gave enough Information, request you to advice on the same. Thank you

Thanks and Regards