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Mar 13, 2013 at 04:39 AM

still to be delivered value not matching in PO header


Hi all,

In one of my service PO, the total net value inclusive discount is 500000 USD and discount is 10% so the the total PO value is 450000.

Service entry is done for 2 lakhs. So the value after discount is coming. 180000.

But in PO header the values has been displayed like this:

Total Po value: 450000 USD

Delivered: 180000

Still to be delivered value: 250000

Still to be delivery is not matching with the (Total PO value - delivered value) . i.e.(450000 - 180000= 270000)

but actually in background it is subtracting delivered value 200000 USD from 450000. It is not subtracting the actual discounted service entry value rather it is taking full SCR value.

I dont know why it is calculating like this.

Is there any configuration to do with this.

Kindly help for the issue.