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Mar 13, 2013 at 03:58 AM

Material Quantity Calculation in SAP PP-PI


Dear Expert,

I am working on Pharma Project, I need formula for recipe

I define All Master Data ( Production Version, BOM, Recipe), For MQC I create Characteristics as a POTENCY in %, Create Class ROHMAT and Assign Potency to it in %, Create MIC req. formula, Create Inspection Plan assign formula LOD-Assay, I got Potency here, For API I done PO and GR, then Quality Lot generate and I clear. Define Batch Class in BOM 100% Potency.

Now I need to define formula in Recipe ROHPHARMA- is my API & then EXCIPENT

BOM- (A)Header: HP-8888 (Qty-100 EA)


(C) EXCIPENT – (Qty – 45 KG)

* Example my potency 97.5% that time (B) component Qty. will increase & (C) component Qty. will Decrease that’s it. My batch Qty. Fix.

(B) Component Qty. Auto Change - 61.53846

(C) Component Qty. Auto Change - 43.46154

For this example how I Define Formula, Please write formula. I need above result, give me the step by step

Please find attach screen shot.




MQC.jpg (49.8 kB)