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Former Member
Mar 12, 2013 at 04:31 PM

Storage section search in WM


Hello All

I have few doubts about the storage section search,

The plant site is already into storage type search and now they wanted to move to storage section search for a specific storage type. My question /doubts here is ..

The requirement is put away strategy for storage section

Storage type - AB1

Section indicator - R01,r02,r03 etc

storage section respective to above indicators -001,002,003 etc

storage bin details as below

Section Indicator Storage Section Start Bin End Bin Dummy Bin R01 001 011301 014012 R01001 R02 002 020101 024012 R02002 R03 003 030101 034012 R03003

Now in this the requirement is to give preference for storage section search where it should putaway in the first empty bin 011301 and then next unitl the destination bin is full after which it is required to put away in dummy bin.

Is it possible to give preference to storage section search instead of storage type search as the user wants to do section search only not the storage type search??

Is it possible to refer to the dummy bin once the reqular bin are full?

THanks for your help