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Mar 12, 2013 at 08:43 AM

Create FSCM Dispute Case for Credits



Is any one aware of the process/configuration steps to create Dispute Cases for Credits in "FSCM Dispute Management" while applying cash through F-28/F-32. When I say credits, it's excess payments made by Customers for various reasons. We would like to create FSCM case directly in the Cash application worksheet (F-28/F-32).
For example

Invoice $1,000.00

X Reason $10.00

Net AR $990.00

In the above example customer paid $1,000.00 instead of $990.00. We would like to create a FSCM case directly from the Cash Application worksheet (F-28/F-32) for $10.00 and issue a Credit Memo through SD. Currently we create a Case for the above situation in UDM_DISPUTE. But with this there is no direct link between the FI Document and the FSCM case.

When I try to create a Case in the cash application worksheet, I get the following error message. Does this mean that no cases can be created for Credits? Any help to achieve this is highlighy appreciated.

No residual items found for which dispute cases could be created

Message no. FDM_AR005


A dispute case must always contain at least one receivable. For example, you cannot inlcude only credit memos or partial payments in a receivables-related dispute case. Special G/L transactions are also not supported.


First create the receivables-related residual items and then the corresponding dispute cases.