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Mar 12, 2013 at 08:11 AM




I have an input schedule in 7.5NW and need some assistance with suppress.

I have 2 dimensions in rows, one is EMPLOYEE and the other is ACCOUNT. I need the EMPLOYEES suppressed, but all the P_ACCT members stated in he MEMBERSET below displayed. I see there are BLOCK and RETAIN options for suppress, but I am unsure of how to use them. The EVDRE Expansion is as follows:

PARAMETER EXPANSION 1 EXPANSION 2 EXPANSION 3 EXPANSION 4 ExpandIn COL COL ROW ROW Dimension TIME CATEGORY EMPLOYEE P_ACCT MemberSet SELF,BAS(TOTAL.2013) SELF BASMEMBERS P_ACCT:41000000,P_ACCT:41000001,P_ACCT:41001000,P_ACCT:41210000,P_ACCT:41221000,P_ACCT:41300000,P_ACCT:41620000,P_ACCT:43054000,P_ACCT:43054002,P_ACCT:43054003,P_ACCT:43220001,P_ACCT:43400002,P_ACCT:43440000 BeforeRange Control!$Q$4:$AG$4 AfterRange Suppress Y Insert