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Mar 12, 2013 at 04:07 AM

Key.ini Encryption



We are trying to transport all our developments into QA. In VDS, we tried to export the configuration in DEV and for the JDBC URL we gave something like this.


As per the documentation, we created this parametrized constant "TEST_PWD and selected the check box for encrypt . The moment I provided this constant in JDBC URL and clicked on SAVE, it gives an error that the password is invalid for the user mxmc_admin. However, if I manually type the password it works fine.

I have a suspicion that the system is not able to do the encryption. All the components are in one server and we are doing this task from this server.

The Key file is located in C:\usr\SAP\IdM\Identity Center\KEY\Keys.ini and I have also checked in VDS that the key.ini file is being referred to in Tools > Options.

Please suggest.




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