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Mar 12, 2013 at 02:31 AM



Dear All,

I have an issue in one of the YTD scenario, We have runningsum() to achieve ytd

but i have got the query which has fiscal year period in range from apr 2012 - feb2013

. Here iam using BICS client Bex query connection not universe

In webi since i donot have Mar 2013 period in the query means from bex side data was not loaded, even i would like to see the solution for below like:

1) For Mar 2013.. month, the condition is 1 st day of the any Month(Mar,apr,may..)(here we should have current month as Mar 2013) there will not be any transaction, so the runningsum(measure) should show 0 as value

2) For 2nd day of Mar 2013 say the data is not loaded still from bex side then the runningsum(measure) of previous month should be applied.

Iam struck with the above two cases wherein data not loaded from bex side, should still see the runningsum(measure) should work dynamically. Pls help me with solution for the above cases guys. I think this should be an challenging issue as the name we say YTD the runningsum should calculate as on date even the data load is not hapening.