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Storage Bin in LAGP not showing up in LX03?


I have an issue.  We are using WM and obviously have storage bins set up.  There is one storage bin that does not show in LX03, and in some other transactions it is not visible in pull down menu's like LS11.   We can see this bin in LS02N, and in table LAGP.   The bin is not blocked (not for stock removal, not for putaway and not for inventory).  In LS02N, the bin shows it has 1 Quant, but does not list what material it is.  The bin should be empty!  The bin appears to have 100% capacity available, so not sure how it can show 1 quant.  The storage bin is not assigned to any materials in MLGN. There are no open transfer orders for this bin.  I am at a loss as to what to look for next to see why this bin isn't showing up in common reports even though it exists.  When I use transactions such as LX03 - I only select by Warehouse #, and no other criteria.  I also search in LX03 by Warehouse #, Storage type and do not see the bin.  Has anybody ran into this situation or can point in any direction as to why this might be happening?



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2 Answers

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    Mar 12, 2013 at 03:42 PM

    The storage bin does show up in L_LAGP.

    The storage bin does NOT show up in LX02.

    I know the material number so I looked in LQUA and couldn't find the cooresponding  quant. 

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  • Mar 12, 2013 at 06:45 AM

    check if you display the result with a variant where this bin is excluded

    e.g. execute LX03 then chose from menu EDIT > Delete filter

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    • I have seen a lot in the last 16 years with SAP, 90% of my support work is caused by errors created from own developments

      Usually I would say LX03 will show what you selected.

      the same does the pull down display for storage bins in LS11.

      This would in general mean that your bin may not be created in the storage type you entered there.

      If you are certain you entered the right values, then we have to check in more detail. LS11 for example uses the view L_LAGP to display bins.

      L_LAGP does not have many fields, can be please check L_LAGP in SE16 if you can see your bin.

      And if not, then compare the content of L_LAGP fields of other bins with your bin and see where the difference is.

      I dont think that the quant itself has anything to do with the display of the bin in this overviews.

      Do you see the bin and the quant in LX02?

      if you do not know the material of the quant, then use SE16 and look into table LQUA.