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Mar 11, 2013 at 11:12 PM

Condition to apply all customers excluding a few of them in to the condition


Hello there, I have confured a condition to apply a discount if the total order qty reach a specific qty, based on the material group and uom, the condition has been configured with the base scale and I used a condition to select the customers which shoul apply this condition in case their orders reach the qty set into the base scale within the condition record.

The business is requiring that the condition should apply to all customers and only for a few customers it shouldn't apply, so I to minimize the administration of the listing into the condition record the business is asking me to have better a list to exclude the customers which wouldn't apply the condition, I mean, the customers that will be into the condition they wouldn't be applied for the condition discount but the customers that are not listed they will apply for the condition discount if their orders reach the base scale already set.

Any suggestion to set the access sequence properly? or how I should configure the condition to have the condition as the business needs?

Thank you!