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Mar 11, 2013 at 01:54 PM

Documents print problem.


I have a problem with printing of documents like (PDF, .DOC, .JPG..etc) which are coming from external server(Filenet).

1. We are saving documents(any type) in external server by converting into BASE64 format.

I tried to print the same documents(BASE64) we are getting spool errors and not able to print.

2. To print these documents, We are converting BASE64 into binary using FM: SCMS_BASE64_DECODE_STR . Then we are using ADS function modules to generate spool (FM's : ADS_SR_OPEN, ADS_GET_PATH, ADS_SR_CONFIRM, and ADS_SR_CLOSE. But the spool is generating with errors, But I am bale to see the documents in corresponding types(PDF, Word, Text etc).

3. When I changed the printer configuration some time it's not generating any spool and is printing only text documents(.txt) in correct format, But getting issues with remaining doc types as unknown format.

Please suggest how to print the documents coming from external server which are in BASE64 format in SAP system directly.




Spool image.jpg (21.4 kB)