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Mar 11, 2013 at 02:02 PM

Sequence-Dependent Lot-Size Planning PPM vs PDS



We are looking at using Sequence-Dependent Lot-Size Planning in our SNP solve. This process is outlined in the linked article below. I am confused by the comment from the article. Where it says “The production data structure (PDS) used must contain a setup group. If you have transferred setup groups from the ERP system and have specified a setup group in the routing, they are automatically transferred to the relevant PDS. The function supports PDS only. In other words, production process models (PPMs) are not supported. PDS that were created using iPPE are not supported either.”

I am not sure what the comment pertains to. Does it mean that you can only transfer setup groups from the ERP system if you use PDS, or does it mean you can only use Sequence-Dependent Lot-Size Planning if you use PDSs?

Does anyone use Sequence-Dependent Lot-Size Planning iin SNP opt with PPMs?



Matthew Bruckner