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Former Member
Mar 11, 2013 at 10:35 AM

PIR Conditions Records Update


Hi masters,

I really do not know whether this is possible or not but Need guidance to achieve the requirement.

Requirement is:

Material Master Standard Prices will be revised at the end of every quarter year.

Lets say Material = A, Std Price Changed from "X" to "Y"

PB00 = "Z"

Requirement 1 ) Now as and when MMR prices are revised , all the PIRs for STO should also get updated with the prices.

PB00 condition maintained in PIR should get updated with material master price.

PB00 value should get changed from "Z" to "Y"

Requirement 2) All the open POs for the material A, PB00 condition value should also get revised to the material master value. i.e "Y"

Requirement 3) There are some other condition maintained, like "Overhead" & "Markup" which are copying in PO from condition records (Trns = MEK1)

The value maintained in the condition is derived through the cost table.

Say "Mark Up" value is 20% of the Std Price Maintained in Material Master.

Now if the material master Price is changed, then system should calculate the Markup price and update this price in Condition record maintained.

And ultimately in PO.

Please guide me on this requirement.