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Mar 10, 2013 at 10:06 PM

Store and output messages of global message container in temporal storage


Hi, SAP CRM Gurus

I have the following question.

In our system there is a view which for some reasons loads twice (execute reloading/roundtrip). The problem is that when we want to shop some message notification via general message container the message is rendered on the screen when we execute the first round trip and disappears on the second round trip because that at the second time general message container is already cleaned and doesn't contain any message.

A workaround to solve this issue is to define an attribute at the view class that will temporarily store all messages from the general message container and push them back at needed the second round trip. Everything seems OK, the messages don't disappear, but there is one trouble, if I don't clear this temp storage all navigation bar doesn't reacts to any action, you click on the link but anything happens. If you move to another view (another tab) everything is working. the problem is in this temp storage that is actually is an view's class attribute type of message table.

All messages treatment has been implemented at DO_FINISH_INPUT( ).

Do you have any ideas why there is no any action when I click on any link in navigation bar if this storage is not clean?

But if I execute «CLEAR msg_tmp_storage.» everything works fine.