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SAP Provisioning Framework


I have a very basic question on SAP Provisioning Framework 7.2

In one of existing implementations, I have seen SAP PF being used. They had imported this framework and pointed the "ProvisionABAP" and "DeprovisionABAP" tasks in the ABAP repository under "Event task". Once this was done, the moment they assign a role to a user from the IdM UI, it magically started assigning the technical role to the user. If this user doesnt exist in the system, it also would create this user. Everything is fine.

My question is what are the other tasks for under the below folder? There are task to lock a user, change the password, Set ABAP role & Profile etc..

Is it correct to assume that I can enable these tasks as 'public', make them appear in the IdM UI and be able to select this task in the IdM UI inorder to say lock a user or change the password ? Doesn't it require anything else to be done ?

I am really not able to understand the full power of this Framework. I don't see many documents/Use cases on how this framework can be used more extensively.

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    Posted on Mar 10, 2013 at 08:06 PM

    Hi Gandalf

    The tasks under AS ABAP Tasks are the building blocks for the hook tasks and shouldn't be called directly. They will execute but on a single repository rather then every repository which is probably not what you're after.

    Essentially, you want to modify the user data through a UI task.

    Use this to trigger the appropriate hook task on each repository that the user is a member of.

    The framework will do the rest.

    The triggers can be done through subordinate tasks, attribute or entry type triggers... For example, you can attach a task to the modification event of the MX_PASSWORD attribute to trigger the change password hook tasks.


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    • Hi Gandalf,

      It means that if you have password change and if you are using standard SAP provisioning task HOOKTASK 8 will be called and if you didn't attach any task there the exception will be raised. If you were attached task there than this task will be executed.

      And yes you do not need to put this functionality in any other HOOKTASKs. If you are familiar with events not only here, but in general as a developer, you can look at HOOKTASKs like EVENTs. If user was created EVENT(HOOKTASK) was fired, and if the password was set for this user, coresponding EVENT will be fired also.

      Best Regards,


  • Posted on Mar 11, 2013 at 05:17 AM

    As per the documentation

    "The core part contains the logic to decide which plug-in tasks are called, while the connectors

    contain the plug-in tasks that are referenced from the repositories. Each connector has its own set

    of plug-in tasks, but the number in the task name identifies the core function of the task, so that a

    task with the same number will perform the same action."



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