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Mar 09, 2013 at 09:50 AM

job work process


Dear experts,

our customer receives X material from customer and grn will be done send to production and finally Y product is manufactured..

I have created sales order with Y material and with ref to sales order po and grn is done from mm side and send to production.

once the finished good is manufactured it will be in finished good store.

here the total material used will be of customer only

I need clarification on below points

1. whether i need to create two line items in sales order 1.non valuated 2 service material.

2. after creating so , delivery and invoice whether i need to create exicse invoice

3. customer needs to be charged service need to create two invoices one for delivery realted and other for service charges.

4.if the customer sends the material with 4(5)a challen then whether excise is applied.

2nd scenerio

here some of the components will be included with the customer material to manufacture finished product.

1. what would be my sales order line item.

the other points are same as above

pl suggest