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Aug 18, 2005 at 12:33 AM

bus_trans_msg related tables



Could you please tell me the related tables of bus_trans_msg especially the table related to the table type BAD_APPOINTMENT_MESS.

This is required as we have created contracts via R/3 in transacation va41 and I have specified contract start date and contract end date. the table related in R/3 is VBAK and the fields are VBAK-GUEBG and VBAK-GUEEN. Simmillarly in CDB the table is smovbak and fields are SMOVBAK-GUEBG AND SMOVBAK-GUEEN. The CDB table is not getting filled and I would first like to check whether the online table has data.

Hence could you please let me know which is the online table for it.

Its urgent.


middleware developer