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Mar 08, 2013 at 07:56 PM

Material Ledger Co-Product Apportionment Quantity Based


Here is the scenario:

1. ML Actual Costing is Activated and Utilized

2. I have assigned Distribution Rule CW6 for Process Order Dependent Parameters. This allows the settlement rule to be updated to actual GR quantities at order completion. Basically, my actual co-product GR may differ from planned. Why? I want my variances and inputs apportioned to co-products based on actual 101 / 102 GR results...

3. By-Products are present in these orders and are received using 531 / 532 movements. Initially these were MM maintained as Procurement Type E, Price Determination 3, and SPK 20 to retrieve the Planned Price for cost estimate creation. The mission is to keep these materials at that standard cost.

Problem, the by-product materials are receiving multi-level price difference allocations from the input materials (ingredients). The multi-level price differences are allocated based on total GR qty's (101 + 531). They are not receiving single-level price differences from the order variance which is fantastic. The data from the ML material update document identifies the by-product receipts as RECEIPTS from PROCESS CATEGORY BF and the apportionment structure is assigned in the ML document or MLIST. In other words regular Production Receipts w/ apportionement.

Additionally, the BOM / RECIPE is correctly maintained... Co-Products are marked as co-products on the BOM and by-products are simply shown as negative quantities. Process order results are also excellent. It seems to be 100% ML Actual Costing issue.

I already attempted changing my by-products to fixed price co-products but encountered the same multi-level price issue. I don't want to change these to Price Determination 2 as I will surely receive undistributed / unallocated amounts. Bottom-line, I don't desire multi-level price determiation for by-products.

Any suggestions?