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I am testing the MSDS shipping from a Delivery and although the Report status shows Sent-OC on the Report Editing screen I have not received an email with the MSDS attached. When I manually ship a MSDS Report I am able to receive an email with the attachement. I am not sure if I am missing a step in the process. It is my understanding that once the Shipment is completed the Good Issue is posted against the Delivery which in turn triggers the Report Shipment. The reports do show in CVD1 and I wanted to know if there is any follow on action I need to take to release the reports?

I attached a copy of the process flow:

Thanks you for your time.

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3 Answers

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    Mar 08, 2013 at 03:02 PM

    Hi Christopher,

    what I understood from your question is, your report shipping order status been changed to Sent-OC in the transaction CVD1, but still the report not been delivered to the mail box.

    If my assumption is right, then -

    there are couple of reasons behind this.

    1. customer Master data -

    ensure that you maintain the email ID correctly, as SAP is not going to check the correctness of your email ID.

    choose the standard communication method - "E-mail"

    Under sales area data -

    Tab - partner functions,

    partner function - "SR"(Mst. Safety sheet Rec.), maintained with the customer no.

    2. Email trigger job scheduling -

    this is a general job scheduled to trigger the emails from SAP. if that is not schedule frequent, you may get the email, whenever the job runs.

    to check the immediate result, you can use the transactions SCOT/ SOST, etc., to view your mails in SAP system and you can execute them to trigger out of SAP.

    3. The size of the documents -

    check the configuration -

    Environment, Health and Safety > Product Safety > Report Shipping > Basic Settings > Specify shipping objects.

    shipping object "STD_MAIL", must have atleast minimum bytes capacity - to pick the MSDS documents. If you have any doubts here, just increase the no. as 1000000.

    that will not create any issue, unless the customer outlook not allowed that capacity to receive.

    You mentioned above - 'When I manually ship a MSDS Report I am able to receive an email with the attachement.'

    what is the process you followed in this case??



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    • Dear Chris

      only a small add ono to the very good explanation of Kamal.


      "The reports do show in CVD1 and I wanted to know if there is any follow on action I need to take to release the reports? "

      My understanding of this sentence is: in CVD1 you can find a report shipping request for a material based on delivery. Correct?

      What do you mean with "release reports"?

      Based on data of delivery system tries to identify specification, generation, variant, language etc. to be used in SDS distribution process. If no report can be detected this happens: process in CVD1 can not go on and stops with a specific status and a so called report request is generated (you need to check CG50 with material number, generazion variant etc.): you might find here a "request for report".

      If you now have maintained suitable data in CG02 you could just go trough the "release process" using CG50. You will get a released report. Then be "retriggering" CVD1 (in most cases done automatic and only in case of emergency manually) the process goes on in CVD1 (e.g. system tries to bundle etc. etc.)

      The whole story is complex. Please refer to SAP market place. There is a very good cpnsoluting OSS note available explaining the whole process. This OSS note has been mentioned in this FORUM often as well.

      May be takle a look here:

      Main Chapter:

      Report Shipping: Process



      Report Shipping Status Network

      SAP using in context in CVD1 the term "report". If you take a look in chapter "Report Generating" the term: ready-to-ship reports

      I prefer to use the term "final report" and the other one is the "Raw report". The difference is: in

      Ready-to-ship reports normally the material name is displayed, chapter one data is there and a may be different logo is used. The raw report contains any "substance" specific data; the "final"/"Ready-to-ship report" on the top the material name, sales org data etc.

      Refer may be on the top to this

      and chapter:

      Editing Report Shipping Order Headers


      PS: Check chapter "Changing the Status of the Report Shipping Order" as well.

  • Mar 12, 2013 at 04:48 AM


    Where is the attachment and what is the process you followed to send the email along with attachment?. How do i test this....My customer says he never received the email although i maintained EMail as the standard communication in customer master.

    Please help..



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    • Dear Dhinesh

      may be start new thread. Regarding yoru observations:

      a.) the customer master needs to have a "eMail" address to be used

      b.) if process works (normally done by batch once a day) you can afterwards check SCOT (refer to Kamals explanation) to check if the eMail has sent but !! keep in mind that even in our modern times some companies donot allow to get eMail which is to "large" (in MegaByte). So it can happen that customer is claiming that he/she did not receive the eMail

      Regarding eMail distribution in general: please execute a query in this FORUM; the topic has been dealed with often


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    Mar 14, 2013 at 01:51 AM

    Thank you to everyone for your comments; I was successful in sending and receiving MSDS'. I hope I can be of help to someone in the future.

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