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Mar 08, 2013 at 01:05 PM

RISTRA20 (Deadline monitoring) creates an empty spool instead of error log in batch processing


Greetings Experts, Gurus and SAP Sages,

We have ran into an issue post our patching to EHP6.

We run deadline monitoring weekly, with a certain variant. The log control is set to "Log (batch input)" as per note 1507063. The spool list recipient is set up with an e-mail so that a certain business user receives the spool output in HTML to his corporate e-mail inbox. This user is set up in SCOT / SOST.

Post the patching cutover, this user received the e-mail as usual, but the content was empty, wtih only the information that "0 Records processed". We have found in SM37 that the spool request that usually contains the log (3000+ records processed) was generated empty. However, we have found that the output was correct when IP30 is ran in foreground, and that the application log was generated (checked via IBIPA) for foreground as well as batch processing.

We have also found that the relevant Work Orders are generated (called) as usual.

Have you ran across this issue or have you any suggestiongs as to the underlying cause?