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Mar 08, 2013 at 10:28 AM

Scrap management in production order


Hi All,

Our production order for the Finished / Semi finished materials are having one or more than one operations. We are doing confirmation by operation wise through CO11N. While confirmation, user register scrap qty in operation wise, but as per SAP standard this scrap qty stored no where.We don't want to create a by product which is related to every of FERT/HALB at the same time in between operation there is no material number is maintained.

case 1: In house produced material (FERT/HALB) having more than one operations ( lets say 4 ). User enter the scrap qty as operation level, what will be the standard process to maintain this process.We hope we can't store the rejected stock against the same material. since. its not completed by the way of consuming material or operation level wise. But physically some kind of scrap materials are there, user may re use the part of materials or sale as a scrap

case 2: In house material (FERT/HALB) having only one operation. Let us say production order qty as 100, out of this yield as 95 and scrap as 5. If i enter the same in CO11N, the scarp qty will vanished. User will do the GR with yield qty(95) against production order. what about the scrap 5 qty? how to get that scrap stock for scrap sales? Even if we create a new stor loc and kept as a scrap stock, that will be also create a problem while we check our inventory value and also while running MRP this qty also will taking consideration as available stock. How we will maintain this process in system.

We don't want to maintain Assembly scrap% / Component scrap %, since its not an fixed it may varied for each and every of production order

* We hope that its an very common process to maintain production qty and rejection qty in shop floor.How can we maintain the scrap.