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Mar 08, 2013 at 06:33 AM

CJ20N Error in closing the Project



we are not able to close the project in transaction code CJ20n

steps to close the project:

CJ20N -->Edit --> status --> close -->set

Below is the 2 error messages


Error when processing asset under construction (AuC) for WBS element C.AU.03.2012.044.3255

Message no. CJ824


While editing an asset in construction for the WBS element, an error occured.

System Response

Processing stopped.


Go to the asset in construction for the WBS element and correct the error that appears there.


You cannot deactive asset 61845 0. (Please check.)

Message no. AY109


The asset 61845 0 in company code AU06 cannot be deactivated. Values exist for the asset.

You probably tried to give an order or a WBS element the status "Close", or to set a deletion flag. However, since the order or WBS element is a capital investment measure, you first have to credit (clear) the accompanying asset under construction 61845 0.

System Response

The function cannot be carried out.


First, completely settle the order or the WBS element. In addition, carry out a full settlement, in order to clear the asset under construction. Then you can carry out the desired function.

61845 is asset ander construction and unfortunatly there is some balance in one depriciation area

Can someone help me to close the project.


Kameshwar Rao