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Mar 07, 2013 at 04:51 PM

PCOQuery update from webpage using Javascript


Greetings All,

I've come across a puzzle I can't solve.

I have a PCOQuery that excepts a start and end dates in workbench, my result set returns data points between these points.

I have on a web page an applet

<applet id="appletchartGAN" width="100%" height="95%" codebase="/XMII/Classes" archive=""


<param name="DisplayTemplate" value="ProcessCharts/dt_systemtrendcharts" />

<param name="QueryTemplate" value="ProcessCharts/sql_syngas_history_wide_pco" />

<param name="dateformat" value="MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss" />

<param name="EndDate" value"02/01/2010 06:45:00" />

<param name="mode" value="DBFixedQuery" />

<param name="RowCount" value="2000" />

<param name="StartDate" value="02/01/2010 00:45:00" />

<param name="title" value="GAN Water Temp" />


I have hardcoded dates into the param name StartDate and EndDate but my webpage displays data between the dates saved in the Query, not the ones I feed it...

I had this functionallity in a similar UDS based query and it works there. Is there an additional param the I need to be adjusting???

This is step one. Step 2 is to have javascript feed the dates to the applet so if there is something new with step 2, I'd like to hear about that also.

Thank you,

Dennis W