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Aug 17, 2005 at 03:53 PM

ODS to ODS initialization and delta


Hi All BW Gurus,

We have recently started our BW implementation for COPA module and after successfully loading all the historical data, started running into issues with delta loads. Here is the scenario. R/3 --> PSA --> ODS1 --> ODS2/Cubes. Even though ODS1 and ODS2 are exactly the same, the reason for having ODS2 was to restrict drill down reporting to transaction level detail only for the last 6 months of data. The other advantage (I think) was to do a direct update instead of going through all the logic in the start routine again.

R/3 --> PSA --> ODS1 has been succesful so far with the full loads, initialization and delta updates. Full loads from ODS1 to ODS2 and Cubes have been successful too. Once we triggered initialization without data transfer from ODS1, it errors out with a message that ODS2 already has a full update and hence we cannot trigger an initialization. Researching OSS notes, found a note (689964) for the same issue but the solution was to change all full request loads to repair requests and then trigger the initialization. At the same time they mention that we could end up with other issues with this procedure where we might have duplicate records or even loose data if we ever have to run initialization again.

Any one face this issue? Solutions or work arounds?

Thank You.