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Former Member
Aug 17, 2005 at 03:22 PM

FOREACH (Fox formula) ...a rule



It may be basic to some but I have been experiencing some unknown behavior when using fox formulas with ForEach.

I thought that this statement was jumping over (not reading) records for which no Key figure in the level contained a value. This is not completely true.

I have been lately creating functions when the statement was able to run and modify records even if for the exact combination of characteristic values I did not have a single (I promise) key figure with value.

However, in many cases, specially with values "#" and time characteristics I have to use dummy key figures or silly standard COPY functions.

The truth is that after 6 hours trying to establish a new rule, I am not able to deduce or explain when the ForEach will read or "jump" over a certain combination of characteristic values.

Any light very much appreciated.