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Aug 17, 2005 at 02:40 PM

Creating a complete hierarchy table from Excel via Import Manager


I would like to create the parent/child relationship of a hierarchy lookup table from an Excel spreadsheet via the MDM 5.5 Import Manager. I want to do this to avoid manually creating all the entries, which number about 2500 entires.

The hierarchy table will have a structure like this:

Product Group (name and 18 character code)

===>Category (name and 18 character code)

=======>Family (name and 18 character code)

===========>Platform (name and 18 character code)

================>Product Code (name and 18 character code)

The leaf nodes under Product Code is where products will finally be assigned.

There are about 8 Product Group nodes with about 4 - 6 nodes in each of Category, Family, Platform, and 20 - 40 nodes under Product Code.

I have limited success in importing and creating this structure so far. I can create a single nodes (Family) under the Category node, but I am not able to create all five levels at the same time. The mapping drops most of the code values once I'm two-levels deep.

I'm looking for the "magic" mix of correct Excel structure and correct Import Manager mapping to get this done.

Any help would be most apprecaited.


Michael Jakeway

Whirlpool Corporation