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Mar 07, 2013 at 08:03 AM

SOP mass processing for Forecasting


Hi PP Gurus

i am facing problem in SOP mass processing for Forecasting

Planning with Standard SOP mass processing with variant for multiple materials? If so please let me know:

I am trying to do monthly forecasting for materials as per the historical sales figures ( Loaded with version 000 in table S076) with Standard SOP info structure.

MC87 for a material works fine. However When I create a mass processing job to run in the background - MC8D for multiple materials and schedule it to get executed. It does not plan all the materials listed in the job variant. However if you run MC87 for a material and you try to do the same in background, it selects the material to plan. But it does not take any other materials into considerations its selected only one material with error.

When you create the job and put materials in the variant, it says:

No data exists for chosen selection

Message no. MA401

i am doing following steps to perform the forecasting

MC96 - forecast profile

MC8T - Activity- creted for forecasting with S076

MC8B - planning type

MC8D - create job

MC8G - Schedule

Why the Job variant throw that message and why does not it plan all the materials listed in the job variant?