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Mar 07, 2013 at 06:56 AM

Using X 509 SSL Client Certificate Authentication and Basic Authentication together


Dear Experts,

We were using a scenario with connectivity between an ERP system on a (Landscape 1) and PI system (Landscape 2) via Web Services. The Authentication was taking place via X 509 certificates and Basic authentication. Now we have an additional PI system in the Landscape 1 from where the response of ERP system will be routed to the PI system in Landscape 2.

To complete this scenario, we have two options.

1. Create new configuration in the PI system in Landscape 1 to support the scenario.

2. Using Direct Connection in PI system 1 in Landscape 1.

Query -

Can the above mentioned dual authentication at PI system in the Landscape 2 be still supported with either of the above options ?
The reason being that PI will support either X 509 certificate authentication or Basic Authentication unlike as in the SOA.

Please pour in your thoughts as this is critical to us.

BR, Vivek