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Mar 07, 2013 at 06:11 AM

Capitalisation restrict without MIRO of project POS


Hi PS experts,

I am having a requirement which is to be ensured before capitalisation of Project (Final Asset), that MIROs are mandatory for Project POs.

Currently, after MIGO/GR or MIGO/ML81n of PRoject pos, our finance team go ahead of capitalisatio of Project (final asset) without doing MIROs for same MIGO/GR or MIGO/ML81n and finally we finding difference between capitalisation date & MIRO date.

Request kindly suggest is there any way to ensure MIROs completed and then do Capitalisation or Restrict capitalisation of project, if any MIRO is pending for the project POs.

Please help if anyone has solution. I dont want to use any user exists, standard exists or customer exits, but would like to have any solution through Status management or validations or substitutions.