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Mar 07, 2013 at 02:58 AM

Weird problem with IDoc generation at payment proposal run


Hi everyone, I think I was mistaken. The proposal run generated 2 IDocs one of type PAYEXT and the other EUPEXR at the same time. So I guess the question just changed to: why? If the bank only needs PAYEXT, how do I prevent EUPEXR from being generated? Thanks.


Hi experts, I ran into a really weird problem when trying to generate IDocs from a payment proposal run.

At first the bank partner was not configured for "test" and the program fails because it cannot determine the message type. Then I copied the non-test entry in outbound parameter of the partner profile to a new entry with "test" checked, the program does not fail any more, but the generated IDocs are in error status. What's more weird is that the message type is not the one I defined. I defined message type PAYEXT with basic type PEXR2002, the error IDocs are in message type EUPEXR and basic type IDCREF01. I already changed the variant of the program used RFFOEDI1 by checking the "proposal run only" flag.

More info on my configuration

  1. Expected message type is PAYEXT and basic type is PEXR2002. This is configured both for non-test and test in partner profile outbound parameters.
  2. The port is a file port. It runs fine with final payment runs, IDocs generated with the correct type and is in correct status.

I tried running the program in F110 with variant defined according to documentation on I also tried running the program separately in SE38. When run separately the program doesn't really run giving error message "nothing selected" even when I explicitly specified the run date, ID, proposal flag, company code, sending company code, payment method and house bank. I don't know what to put in the printer parameter but final payment run ran fine with the printer set to even LOCL. I am starting to think this might be a program bug because it doesn't make sense: same configuration, final payment run - fine, while proposal run generates IDocs in error status of the wrong kind, while proposal run couldn't generate anything before I copied outbound parameter checking test flag in partner profile. I tried searching for SAP notes but failed to find any related ones.