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Mar 06, 2013 at 06:20 PM

Change from single to multi-level Requisition Release Strategy


My company has been using a single level release strategy where the Release Group = Approver's name, all are Strategy L1, Classes are Approval Range, Plant and Cost Center. (1 Release Group may be assigned 30 cost centers if they release the same $ range)

Some approvers have multiple release groups since they approve different amounts for different cost centers.

Some cost centers have only 2 approvers, others have 3, 4, or 5. We have about 200 Cost centers each with it's own approver matrix.

With new executives on board, they want me to change this to a multi-level strategy where it goes to the lowest level approver first, then the next level until it reaches the approver for the requisition total value.

I have added more Release groups so each approver has a group for each range and each level (AA - AZ, BA-BZ, etc.); however I cannot figure out how to link the dependencies since we have different strategies for the different cost centers, and in some cases there are only 2 levels...

I am using CL24N to define the ranges and cost centers (and Plants, although we always assign all plants to all approvers).

We are not using HR Org Mgmt so the routing is based on the user ID of the approver and their email address in PA20.

Can I make this work? How do I link the dependencies? (L2 for Cost Center 12345 is dependent on L1 for Cost Center 12345, but L2 and L1 are different Release Group #'s.). It appears I can only say Group AA L2 is dependent on Group AA L1, I need to say Group AA L2 is dependent on Group BF L1).

Thanks in Advance!