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Aug 17, 2005 at 12:22 PM

Maximum number of 10000 nodes reached in BPM



We have implemented a BPM based on the collect pattern with timeout. The BPM was intended to collect GLMAST IDOCs and COSMAS IDOCs which are sent by R/3 as one IDOC per item. The BPM should collect all the IDOCs and map the data into one message, because our receiving system prefers to have them all in one message.

It works fine up to a certain number, but when sending 1400 IDOCs to the process, it raises an error message in the WF log: "Maximum number of 10000 nodes reached".

We have changed the process so that the messages are not collected in the process anymore, but we use a file adapter in append mode instead. The process is only used to count the IDOCs and create the summary record for the target message. But still the same error message is raised.

Does anybody know where this number of 10000 comes from?