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Mar 06, 2013 at 01:44 PM

ACFUpDownload ZCL_WDA_FISL_UPLOAD_HANDLER doesn't get invoked


Hi all,

following Thomas Jungs' Tutorial ( ) I created a silent download for my own component Z_MY_UPDOWN. I also imported Thomas' component ZWDA_701_ACF_UPDOWNLOAD shown in the tutorial.

Although ZWDA_701_ACF_UPDOWNLOAD works fine, I'am not able to download files with my own component Z_MY_UPDOWN.

The main difference between these component is, that I just change the upload of the files into the Cache-ZTable. I'am not using the ACFUpDownload to cache the files, instead I created a method to fill the cache with files from the application server. This works fine, and the files are cached correctly.

A further difference is that I don't use two actions/buttons (one for upload and one for download), I've got just one action, which first caches the file and then tries to download it.

I figuered out the the handler ZCL_WDA_FISL_UPLOAD_HANDLER (which is called using an SICF service by creating an URL during runtime) does not get invoked.

Does anybody have an idea why the handler does not get invoked when using Z_MY_UPDOWN, but gets invoked when using ZWDA_701_ACF_UPDOWNLOAD?

PS: When putting the URL, which is created during runtime (Z_MY_UPDOWN) to download the file, into a webbrowser the file is being downloaded succesfully(Hanlder is being invoked).

The URL I create looks like this:


Thans a lot