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Mar 06, 2013 at 12:19 PM

CTM Explanation Log Messages


Dear Experts,

We are in the process of analyzing the messages provided in the Explanation Log generated after CTM Planning run is complete.

Following are some of the warning messages followed with examples that have been included in the Explanation Profile:

  1. Resource &3: No dispatching possible with duration &1 / capacity reqmt &2
    • Resource WHSD_F330_008: No dispatching possible with duration 25:02 / capacity reqmt 1.000

  1. b) Activity &2 / Mode &1 cannot be scheduled
    • Activity 999900000004 999900000004 / Mode 1 cannot be scheduled

  1. c) Demand quantity &1 falls below minimum lot size &2 of source of supply
    • Demand quantity 0.750 falls below minimum lot size 1.000 of source of supply

We are having a tough time to understand and rectify these 3 errors that frequesntly occur in our CTM Planning Run.

Request you to shed some valuable information on the same.

With Regards,