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Mar 06, 2013 at 10:48 AM

Opening Graphs in Different quadrants


Hi Friends,

I am Trying to do a self project

Wherein i am selecting states from push buttons ie 1 state 1 push button in that way i have 6 push buttons i.e. 6 states

and i have divided the canvas into 4 quadrants.

each containing column chart .

so when i click on button 1 the respective graph shud oen in quadrant 1

then 2 on 2nd quadrant

3 on third quadrant

button 4 on 4th quadrant. This is simple to do .

But what i am trying to accomplish is what ever order i click the buttons in that order the graphs should open

ie If i select button 3 first the concerned graph will open in the 1st quadrant

then if i select button 1 it should open in the second quadrant and so on

ie depending upon the click of buttons they should open in the quadrants available.

I tried out using the formula sam as below one


but its not working i am trying to tweak it

thanks and regards

Gaurav Tilara