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Mar 06, 2013 at 08:28 AM

Process Chain taking long time at the Load Data process



* sorry wrongly post to this place ... seems I have no authorization to post in the BW place..

We have problem to complete full cycle of the process chain in the exact time.

Normally, it will complete within 4-5 minutes. But since past 2 months, it took almost 6 hours to complete whole processes.

After checking each process, we found that the longer time was in the Load Data process.

I have checked the RSA3 in my source system (ECC) and the extraction is quite fast as normal.

I also checked all jobs with prefix 'BI*' via sm37 in ECC. Seems the duration is only afew seconds.

So should be no problem on the extraction.

But when I check the BW process monitor for the Load Data process and study on the Details tab, then I realize the longer time was at the 'Data request received' line which under Extraction (message). It gave 6 hours gap between Requests and Extraction (first bullet). I have no idea on how to debug/fix/tune this data transfer process. My basis guy also got problem to understand the issue since he is not familliar with the BW basis things.. ðŸĪŠ

When I compare with last month log, the longer time still same at Load Data process.

But, it happened at the 'Info IDoc 4: Application document posted' line under Transfer (IDocs and TRFC).

So, basically both problems happened beyond my knowledge. Something todo on the basis thing, I guess...

Please help me to tune/fix the problem. Feel free to ask for further info.. Thanks

Sorry on the term used, blame for my lack of BW knowledge.. 😊