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Mar 06, 2013 at 08:06 AM

SCC Authentication Failure and Registration Handling - Object API Native App


Hi Guys,

I have developed a windows application(Object API based), which uses SSO(single sign on) for authentication. On passing the user credentials from my login screen, the authentication happens with SAP and connection would be established. On valid credentials, the device gets registered and authenticated, finally returns the MBO datas. But my problem is when i enter wrong credentials(either wrong user id/password), though the authentication fails with SAP the device gets registered with the user name i provide. I want to avoid this unwanted device registration though the authentication fails with SAP. This could be considered as security threat.

Currently we are using the default security provider viz No Security Provider. We havent planned for any configuration/change in security provider as of now. So the authentication happens only with SAP.

I have the following queries

1) Do we have a way/control to avoid the device registration in SCC where when SAP authentication fails via SSO.

2) Do we have any API, so that could be this handled in application code level.

3) Do we have any sup APIs, to capture the error message when authentication fails in SAP. im calling "application.registerapplication" in the code level for registration and authentication. If i could capture the error, i could use 'application.unregisterapplication'.