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Mar 06, 2013 at 06:28 AM

Diagnosis Process in CRM Inhouse Repair


I am currently implementing inhouse repair with integration to ECC logistics. So far, I have managed to make the return request and the return for repair process working and its integration to ECC.

Currently, I'm getting challenges in the areas below and hope you can give me guidance.

1. Data exhange - When the inhouse repair transaction got created, BDOC is created. As per SAP standard, BDOC should only be created once set the item status to "Release". I'm using the system status and appreciate if you can help me where to fix this.

2. Diagnosis - When I tried to do diagnosis and once saved it giving me the following errors

- Errors occurred while transferring the document into another system. To view the error messages, see the enclosed log.

Transmission log

It is not possible to upload from mixed documents with scen. A activated (Notification W CRM_ORDER_MISC 036)

For this error, I am assuming that this will be fixed once we fixed the data exhange issue e.g. replicate (or create) the transaction in ECC only the item status is set to "release". Right now, the system is trying to send the CRM items (e.g. Return for Repair and Diagnosis) to create transactions in ECC.

- Errors occurred when assigning an account assignment object to a business transaction. To view the error message, see the accompanying log file.

Transfer Log

Object link not known in CO (Notification E IAOM 019)

For this error, I have already configured the CRM - CO integration as per C26 (CRM Service) section 3.2.3 (Service Process Controlling Integration) and I'm still getting the error. My question will be as follows

- I have created the SRV_DIAGNOSIS in CRM with category SRV_ALL and item category group DGNS but the said product is not availble (replicated) in ECC. Do I need to create the SRV_DIAGNOS as service master in ECC and have this replicated to CRM?

- Can anyone give me the process for the Diagnosis and its integration to ECC? I thought that in doing Diagnosis process, it is where you put the labour and the spare parts. Once done, you can then create a follow document CRM Service that represent the diagnosis, labour and spareparts.

Hope to hear from you guys.