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Mar 05, 2013 at 01:59 PM

Making the planning off for bom item


Hi All,

Assume that there is assembly ABC which is having the BOM. The BOM is haaving 3 components P, Q & R.

For component say R, the requirement is such that MRP should not generate the dependent requirement OR even if MRP generates it, the dependent requirement should not get planned.

What are the varoius ways by which this can be done ?

I can not make mrp type "R" = ND as "R" is there in some other BOMs as bom item & I need it to get planned in other BOMs.

I also can not mark the explosion type of "R" = "Planning Off" because as per my knowledge this works only if the part is having the Planning Strategies - Planning without final assembly OR Planning with planning material. In my case these strategies are not used. So, cn I get some inputs that how can this be done ? Regards, MHP.