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Aug 17, 2005 at 07:22 AM

Confusion in IDOC scenario



I have the following IDOC scenario:

<b>A non-SAP system sends via TRFC an IDOC to XI -> SAP</b>. I want to keep it simple as possible.

What scenario is that according to the SAP document "How to... Sample IDOC-XI Scenarios"?

I thought this would be scenario 1 (LS<->LS). Is that correct? But can I maintain in transaction IDX1 a port to the non-SAP system and load metadata with transaction IDX2 (that is not possible)????

The non-SAP system and the target SAP system have logical system names maintained in the SLD. The adapter-specific-identifiers are populated.

In the sending system the field EDI_DC40-SNDPR in the message header is populated with logical system name of the non-SAP system (e.g. XYZ).

But the trace of the non-SAP systems returns the following error message:


Transaction IDX1: Port XYZ, client 100, RFC destination contain errort

I have added the port in IDX1 for XYZ, but the same error message is coming. Of course transaction IDX2 is not possible...

How can I check error messages of the idoc-adapter within XI?

What is problem?