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Mar 05, 2013 at 12:34 PM

Multiple backend customer segmentation


Hi everyone,

I'm pretty new to CRM world but I have big problem. Please, help 😊

We have a plan to segment our all customers on one crm machine. We have implemented multiple backend customizings for CRM machine and we loaded all customers from 2 different R/3 system. Everthing was great until we wanted to create segments with using customer's sales area informations.

Those two R/3 systems have same sales area structure but they have different descriptions. Example:

R/3 - 1

Sales Org. 0001 Food

Distribution Channel 01 Main

Division 01 Division1

R/3 - 2

Sales Org. 0001 Water

Distribution Channel 01 Global

Division 01 DivisionX

CRM couldn't map these structures to its organizational structure (PPOMA_CRM) because there is an already defined organization for '0001' .

Therefore, we couldn't load second R/3 system sales areas to CRM.

Now, my question is : can we load sales areas of 2th R/3 to CRM, is there any solution?

After second R/3, we will add 3rd, 4th R/3 systems. And I'm afraid that they will have same sales areas structures 😔

if there isn't any solution, could you give me any ideas how can I get sales areas into CRM? any tip, trick?

One of my idea is:

Can we use marketing attributes to store sales area information, maybe we can fill them with help of BADIs and BAPIs (while making initial or custom loads from R/3 to CRM)?

Thanks for your time and responses. I hope you give me much better ideas or solutions.

Best Regards,

Hakan B.