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Mar 05, 2013 at 11:52 AM

extended idoc segment is not recognised


i am trying to extend the ORDERS05 basic type.

i have created a segment, added 2 new fields to it and set it for release.

then i have created an idoc extention for ORDERS05 and have added the newly created segment as a child segment of E1EDP01->E1EDP19.

i have linked the message type ORDCHG and basic type ORDERS05 and extension in WE82.

i have added the ORDCHG to outbound parameters in WE20.

i am using the exit EXIT_SAPLEINM_002 for populating the new fields im the new segment.

Problem is, in this exit, when i check for

IF INT_EDIDD-SEGNAM = 'The ZSegment Name'.

it never enters the IF condition.

which implies that my Zsegment is not coming into int_Edidd.

Please tell me where i am going wrong...

so when i change PO and save this user exit is hit. but my code is not triggered.

the idoc is generated successfully, but when i check this idoc in WE02, it shows blank in Extension.. it only has basic type as ORDERS05.

Kindly give me the reason of this problem