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Mar 05, 2013 at 11:05 AM

BPC 10/ EPM - Copy/Paste Members Functionality into Reports



I have a requirement for an input schedule in an excel spreadsheet BPC 10/ EPM:

- 1st step: fill the input schedule members (rows) with copy/paste functionality;

- 2nd step: when the user opens the spreadsheet after saving the data in the 1st step, he wants the report to display the inserted values;

To acomplish this, I have defined my input schedule with base level members I want to visualize, selected the option "remove emptys" and the sheet option "member recognition".

What happens is that when I copy/paste the members to the input schedule it refreshes the spreadsheet and the values dissapear because they are "empty".

When I click right-button option EPM->Insert Members-> and choose the members, the procedure is the same, the spreadsheet refreshes but the lines don't dissapear, even tough they are empty.

Can you please help me?

Is this even possible? If not, should I write a SAP note to request assistance?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards 😊