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FBL1N and Z Report of BSIK and BSAK

Hello Experts,

              As i made a vendor report as like as in FBL1N like as provided in report radio button of open item, cleared items and all items.

when i am executing FBL1N and providing their vendor number and company code and selecting radio button open items and giving date as 06.04.2012

and executing it than report shows 4 records in which 3 records coming from BSIK table(which is for open items) and also getting one entry from BSAK(which is for cleared items) and in my report i am taking records only from BSIK table for open items radio button so my report showing 3 records so i want to know which field is used to make difference between these records to select from BSAK or how to get that 1 records showing in transaction FBL1N in my report.



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2 Answers

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    Mar 05, 2013 at 01:22 PM

    The key is the clearing date, if an item was cleared after the reference date it is displayed as a non-cleared item.

    * Not cleared at ref_dateSELECT * FROM BSIK WHERE BUDAT LE ref_dateSELECT * FROM BSAK WHERE AUGDT GT ref_date AND BUDAT LE ref_date* Cleared at ref_dateSELECT * FROM BSAK WHERE AUGDT LE ref_date " AND BUDAT LE ref_date


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    Former Member
    Mar 05, 2013 at 10:44 AM


    06.04.2012 is it doucment date or posting date based on which u are pulling data.

    try like this...

    radio button open items selected retrive data only from BSIK.

    radio button closed items ------data from BSAK

    Radio button all items------combine both and show..



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    • Hello,

      i exactly did like you explained but in FBL1N in open items data is coming from both table as from BSIK and BSAK so user requirement is like to build report exactly as  FBL1N so i am selecting open item radio button and giving date there than the result would be as some records coming from BSIK and BSAK ,so i just want to know how the BSAK tables records are going to be displayed in FBL1N after selecting Open items radio button, is there any other field which distinguishes  to select records from both table if user selects open items button in FBL1N.