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Mar 05, 2013 at 06:54 AM

Password Expiry issue in portal using SPNego (Windows Authentication)


Hello Experts,

We have a consumer and producer portals(EP 7.01) with the ECC 6.0 as the user source for both the portals.

In consumer portal SPNego is activated for SSO with windows using Windows Integrated Authentication.

The issue is the producer content related to backend is throwing portal runtime error in consumer when the password is initial state in the backend. This is due to password expiry in the backend when user tries login to the portal for the first time.

This issue is appearing only when SPNego is activated in consumer. Also when we try enter producer URL with initial password the portal and the backend iviews works fine.

We dont want to disable the password in the backend as the user needs to login the backend using SAP logon pad. We need to get the password expiry page in the consumer page when the password is inital and SP Nego is activated.

Please provide your suggestions on this.