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Aug 16, 2005 at 08:16 PM

selection statemet problem


Here is one scenario.

this is related to Stock transport order between two plants.

In selection screen, vbrk-kunag and vbrp-werks(supplying plant) fields are there.

If vbrk-kunag field start with 'P'.I will get the second plant field By removing the initial 'P' in

field vbrk-kunag.

now i have to read zplants table with vbrp-werks and vbrk-kunag(Without Initial 'P') field .If it matches i have to substitute vbrp-werks field with zplants-plnt.

Zplants table has fields like werks & reswk(supplying plant),plnt.

In the selection screen, If multiple values are entered in vbrk-kunag field, I have to check the above condition (match) again, If it is not matches just i have to add "P123" value and don't remove the original supplying plant(vbrp-werks) from the selection.

how can i write the above statements...

Thanks in advance.