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Aug 16, 2005 at 06:37 PM

What is a 'region tag'?


We just upgraded to the first service pack for MDM 5.5, and I'm starting to write some Java to play with the repository. There appears to be a CatalogData.Login method that let's you specify a min/max number of pooled connections - very handy! However, there's an additional parameter called a 'region tag'. Does anyone know what this is?

The API documentation is woefully inadequate in this respect. Calling a parameter a 'region tag', and then indicating in the documention that a region tag is the region tag to use for the repository isn't that useful.

Specifying a blank region tag generates this exception:

a2i.core.StringException: No matching region tag

at a2i.common.CatalogData.LoadCatalogData(Unknown Source)

at a2i.common.CatalogData.Login(Unknown Source)


Error code: 0x80000001 at


Error message : No message for RC (0x80000001)

So: what's a region tag?